Downloadable Resources

Session plans, printable handouts and PowerPoints

The session plans and resources needed to deliver the Age 10-100 programme are included with the Team of Life Facilitator Training. 

The Age 7-11 programme manual and resources can be purchased as an optional extra by those undertaking training. You will be free to download, print and re-use these resources as often as you wish. 


  1. 1
    • What is the Team of Life?

    • Narrative Therapy

    • Collective Narrative Practice

    • Development of this programme

    • About the Authors

    • Team of Life Age 7-11 Children's Programme

    • Acknowledgements

    • Copyright Information

    • Navigating the manual and resources

  2. 2
    • Targeting

    • Group Factors

    • Facilitation Style

    • Behaviour and time management

    • Delivery space

    • Sporting Equipment

    • Mindfulness and Zone-In

    • Evaluation of Outcomes

    • Programme structure

    • Session Structure

    • About Session Plans

    • About Handouts

    • Use of PowerPoint

    • About Slides

  3. 3
    • Session Plan

    • PassSport Front Sheet

    • What to Expect Handout

    • Starting Whistle

    • Zone-In Script

    • Coach Card

    • Home-goal

    • Zone-In Audio Podcast

  4. 4
    • Session Plan

    • Home-team Shield

    • Home-teams activity

    • Coach Card

    • Home-goal

  5. 5
    • Session Plan

    • Sporting Hero activity

    • Coach Card

    • Home-goal

  6. 6
    • Session Plan

    • Coach Card

    • Home-goal

  7. 7
    • Session Plan

    • Skills Net

    • My Team Handout

    • Example Team Cards

    • Team Cards

    • Coach Card

    • Home-goal

  8. 8
    • Session Plan

    • Charlie's Goal Map

    • My Goal Map Handout

    • Goal Map Template

    • Coach Card

    • Home-goal

    • Goal Map Animation

  9. 9
    • Session Plan

    • Position Pairs Warm-up activity

    • Coach Card

    • Home-goal

  10. 10
    • Session Plan

    • Tackling Problems Handout

    • Opposition_Tackle Sheets

    • Coach Card

    • Home-goal

  11. 11
    • Session Plan

    • The Coach Handout

    • Future Goal Map

    • Coach Card

    • Home-goal

  12. 12
    • Session Plan

    • Winning Goal Handout

    • Coach Card

    • Final Whistle

    • Certificate

  13. 13
    • Session Plans Set

    • PasSport

    • Coach Cards

    • Home-Goals

    • Home-team Handouts

    • Zone-in

    • PowerPoint Files

    • Goal Map Animation

    • Random number generator animation

    • Certificate


Here's what other practitioners have said about our Team of Life training and programmes

Team of Life Online Course

Andrew Hastings - Secondary Behaviour Improvement Teacher, TESSA, St Helens Borough Council

"I am now looking forwards to promoting Team of Life to all 9 high schools in St Helens. I will be using the course across schools for those who are at risk of being permanently excluded. I work closely with referred families and i genuinely believe that narrative therapy may build bonds between school, students and parents."

Team of Life Children's Programme

Sabahat Malik – Senior Practitioner, Hertfordshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

“I have delivered the Team of Life programme as an EMHP to primary school and secondary school pupils. The engagement, progress and positive impact was quick and very much noticeable after the first few sessions. I had great pleasure in delivering ToL and loved seeing the fruitful impact it had on children and young people who were in need of the support. The impacts of ToL are lasting and truly changing lives. Most of all, the CYPs absolutely loved it and took away valuable, everyday life skills.”

Team of Life

Laura North, Family Worker Buckinghamshire Mental Health Support Team

"One child said ‘ I feel so much happier than I was’’ A child tackled a problem of bullying – loved his advice, ‘’When you are bullied, it is good to tell an adult because holding on is not good’’ From the above statements and from delivering The Team of Life I feel it not only empowers the young people but it lets those working with the young person’s to know more about the great support there is surrounding the children! I am amazed that through the Team of Life you uncover so much about the child’s voice, and that promotes empathy and understanding and builds relationships!"

Team of Life Programme

Jayne Hart, Educational Mental Health Practitioner, Wirral Mental Health Support Team

“I have delivered Team of Life to 4 groups of young people ranging from year 3 to year 6. With regards to the selection of the young people, I tend to discuss in consultation with the SENCO that this is an intervention which would benefit young people with low confidence and self-esteem; young people who could benefit from building resilience and finding it difficult to forge friendships and relationships. I emphasise that the Team of Life is around these young people realising who is in their life and they're to support them and how they can build on this. I find it is a lovely piece of work. I have seen how some young people have flourished and gained confidence to join clubs in and out of school, plus take part in assemblies and school performances. SENCO's have commented that they can see a difference in the young people who have taken part in Team of Life.”

Team of Life Facilitator Training

Dr Laura Tozer, Clinical Psychologist, Buckinghamshire Mental Health Support Team

“The Team of Life training provided by Riverbank Psychology was incredibly helpful to our team. The experiential learning enabled the team to fully embrace the Team of Life approach and we all hugely enjoyed the training whilst learning a great deal. The training provided the opportunity for the team to learn about each other, consider who is in our own ‘team of life’ and reflect on our values. The creative approach Vicky and Mariangels took to deliver the training ensured the team learnt not only how to deliver Team of Life but also understood the narrative principles that underpins the approach. I would highly recommend this training to anyone who is looking to run Team of Life.”

Team of Life Children's Programme

Claire Owens, Director, Next Chapter CIC

“The Team of Life provides a common language that most students understand… I consistently witness students experiencing an appreciation and understanding of the value of support networks and how this has a positive impact on their lives. I have been particularly struck by the importance of stories, which comes from a narrative approach and how this can be used for children to tell their story, with a deeper understanding of how their experiences shape their attitude towards the future, finding key positive learning experiences from difficult circumstances.”

Team of Life Facilitator Training

Dr Hayley Lugassy, Educational Psychologist, Cheshire East Council

"We are keen to begin implementing this wonderful intervention as soon as possible.”

Team of Life Children's Programme

Stephanie Davey, Trainee Education Mental Health Practitioner

"I loved watching the young people grow in confidence throughout the programme and start to share more about their lives with us.’’ 

Team of Life Facilitator Training

Lucy Rothwell, Education Mental Health Practitioner, Alder Hey Mental Health Support Team

(From twitter) Last week we were trained in the Team of Life, which is a strength focused, narrative approach. We thought about how we could use this approach in schools to help CYP identify support systems, strengthen friendships and increase self-esteem. Thank you @riverbankpsych